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Welcome to 24beelden.nl! (beelden is dutch for frames). Here i present info on some technical cinema and film festival related topics. This website is simple, so don’t expect a lot of fancy stuff. No cookies, no nothing. Just plain html and css.

I put up this website after writing a document with tips for those who want to make a DCP. You can find it on the DCP page . I also wrote a page about how to get your DCP on a properly formatted disk and one about aspect ratios in DCP. Last addition is the low budget page for those with little money. Recently i edited it and added some picture to it to make things clearer.

There is enough to be said about sound on DCPs, so i wrote some remarks about it at the SOUND page.

I hope the information on this site will be useful and that it will help you to present your film the way you meant it to be.

Copyright for the entire site: Henk Rhebergen, 2014-2018. Please contact me before using (parts of) text or illustrations on this site
Latest update: october 2018