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About me: My name is Henk Rhebergen, i have worked as a projectionist in several cinemas in Utrecht (The Netherlands) since 1996 and on several film festivals (IDFA, IFFR, DIFF, GFF, HAFF, NFF, etc) since 2001. When Digital Cinema entered the cinema where i work in 2011 i was very keen on figuring out how it all works. Working on festivals made me realise that Digital Cinema changed the game quite profoundly. For filmmakers it is a lot easier (cheaper) to have countless copies of their films to be shown worldwide. But the decades long experience and habits of making a 16mm or 35mm print are useless. Everybody needed to learn the new tricks. And a lot can go wrong in this process. So i decided to put down a few tips that might prevent dissapointment when releasing a film as DCP.

In case you think some useful information should be added on this website please let me know!

If you like me to come over and explain things in real life i am more than willing to do so! I will be able to show how things work and give some examples on making DCPs with DCP-o-Matic.

You can contact me at info at 24beelden.nl or visit my Linkedin page

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