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On this site i present essential information you need when making a DCP. If you are a film maker or a producer who wants a film to be shown in cinemas this is what you need to know. A DCP (Digital Cinema Package) is the standard medium for showing films in cinemas nowadays. It might seem a simple thing to convert your edit into a DCP, but there are some things you need to know.

I work as a projectionist in a cinema and on several film festivals. Over the years i gathered knowledge on what works and what can go wrong with DCPs. Here i want to share this with you.

This website is simple, so don’t expect a lot of fancy stuff. No cookies, no nothing. Just plain html and css. Images enlarge themselves when you hover the mouse pointer over them. This site now works nicely with small (phone) screens as well. The frase "24 beelden" is dutch for 24 frames.

I hope the information on this site will be useful and that it will help you to present your film the way you meant it to be. Every once in a while i update one or more pages, so please check in again some time.

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